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Keeping in mind, the utility, design and the preferable living style, SM homes have been designed as an architectural marvel. With articulate and careful planning, the area has been used to build a living space that serves its purpose yet gives an ample room to display the personal taste. Unlike, any other project before, the design of the apartment is kept minimalistic to give the freedom of adding a personal touch. Designed for the future, every apartment has an artistic feel to it with a combination of contemporary and chic exterior and a perfect blend of comfort and luxury. 


Underground Wiring

Equipped with everything that makes the SM homes stylish, minimalist, modern and exceptional, SM homes is a complete class apart from the rest of the projects in the market. It has been fitted with underground wiring making sure everything compliments the architecture. Underground wiring is vital as it ensures a neat and tidy look of the house and yet provides a secure way of power conduction. For better insulation and conductivity, the wiring has been protected by using the conduit that further ensures the security of high voltage appliances. 


24/7 Power Backup

Constant power availability is one of the most vital requirements for everyone. In a country where power cut off is quite common and most people do not have the facility of UPS and generator, it is quite challenging to live without power backup. To ensure that the residents can continue their daily house chores without any disturbance, there is a 24/7 power back up for everyone. 


Dedicated Parking

Dedicated parking allows everyone to park their car closer to their home so they don’t have to waste their time walking to their car. With dedicated community parking for all, SM homes aim to ensure that the family values stay intact and there is a sense of community building. This is the reason every house has dedicated parking and parking area is spacious enough to park any car regardless of the model and brand. 


Wide Roads

In most apartment plans, the focus is only on the architect and never on the roads, their width and overall infrastructure.  As a result, roads are narrow, bumpy and rough, which makes it quite challenging to drive the vehicle or park it anywhere. To address this issue, our team of architects have dedicated their special attention to the overall infrastructure, roads and the ambience of the SM homes. Additionally, every house has been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that further enhance the quality of life.


Unlike other apartments and homes, health and entertainment are ranked as a priority. We at SM developers believe that SM homes are going to become one of the finest places in the city to have your home. This is the reason we have incorporated a park within our SM homes plan where families can enjoy quality time with their family and kids. Fitted with swings and strategized with the fine distribution of grass patch and jogging track, our park has been planned to serve its purpose well. 



To satisfy the needs of our soul, the SM homes project includes a spacious mosque with ample room to fit 1000 worshipers at a time. The mosque has been designed by a special team of architects to mix the traditional and modern architecture that makes the mosque stand out from rest. Fully carpeted and fitted with air condition hall, the mosque is fully equipped to stay functional in all weather conditions. 


Security and Surveillance

In a world where security is a priority for everyone, we have equipped our building and parking with 24/7 surveillance. Everything happening in the parking and the building is recorded at all times and with the help of the security team, everything is monitored so that necessary precautions can be maintained and action can be taken when needed. 


Booking Process

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Our contact process is easy and user friendly, which ensures that the client can easily contact the management regarding booking and other details. A potential buyer or any interested customer can simply fill-up the form available on our site or call us at our number and book an appointment. 

Once the appointment is booked, our marketing team will reach out to the client according to the set booking time. Additionally, we are also providing the option of visiting our office where we can provide details about our project along with other projects and investment options. 

Our marketing team provides a full-fledged consultancy service where the client can provide information about the aim. From basic investment program for saving money to buying an apartment on instalment for the family, our team has a solution for everyone regardless of their aim and long-term plan additionally, our marketing team ensures the satisfaction of every client by providing them real estate consultancy. 

With this simple process, everyone can book their apartment on instalment or even through cash payment just according to convenience. By the end of the registration process, the client will get the registration certificate as proof of booking.